Jahanmard Trading Company

Jahanmard Trading Company started its activity in the food and dried fruit distribution industry in the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2009.
The ability of managers and also the position of the company, which created a competitive advantage in Iran, led to the beginning of activities in the field of food and dried fruit exports in 2019.

The purpose of this collection is to deliver high quality global products to the consumer that you should use the products and make sure that high levels of non-standard materials do not enter the food and one of the goals of this collection is to protect human health at risk.

Another goal of this collection is honest advice and counseling about your purchase so that it can establish a stable relationship with its customer that leads to a fair trade.


Saffron has a yellow color and is known as a famous medicine. It is more than 4000 years old. 90% of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran.

The initial location of jahanmard Trading Company is in the saffron production center in Iran.

We can provide you with high quality saffron.


It is a type of sugar that is obtained from sugarcane. Candy has many properties for the treatment of disease and has a warm nature, which is used in the treatment of colds, which we can offer you the highest quality candy.

بنر خرما


This fruit is very old and its name is repeated 42 times in the Bible. This high-quality fruit is somewhat unfamiliar to Europeans and Americans and is only eaten in cakes and pastries.
Fortunately, Iran is the cradle of date production in the world, thanks to which we can provide you with very high quality dates.

بنر گردو


Nutmeg is a tonic that is dried and dried in two forms and is very similar to human brain tissue and is also known as brain food due to the presence of nutrients beneficial to the brain and memory. Walnut kernels are rich in omega-3s, which improve brain function and prevent various related diseases. Walnuts are considered a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants along with minerals. Iran is one of the top walnut producers in the world that we decided to produce for you.


Almonds such as walnuts and pistachios are among the delicious nuts that happen to have many health benefits. Almonds are obtained from the almond tree. The scientific name of this dried fruit is Baronus dalsis (Prunusdulsis) and it is native to the Middle East, India and North Africa. It is also produced in large quantities in Iran.

بنر پسته


The extraordinary properties of pistachios are not hidden from anyone. Pistachios are called a source of energy and minerals. A powerful hematopoietic pump. Soothing the heart and nerves.

He selected the best raw pistachios from the best pistachio orchards in Iran. After quality control in the laboratory and ensuring the health of the product, it was roasted and roasted with first-class saffron and salt, which brought a unique taste, color and aroma

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